12 Employee Onboarding Examples For Your New Hires

According to an article by Doug Wendt – A business growth consultant is an expert advisor who recognizes challenges a business is facing and focuses specifically on helping the business move forward in a prudent, realistic but visionary manner. they also added that a Professional business growth consultant focuses on top-line aspects of the enterprise such as sales, marketing, strategy, and leadership — while also being sensitive to market realities and the unique nature of the business today. A typical engagement with a business growth consultant will enable us to focus on one of these key growth areas, allowing us to achieve some ‘quick wins’ or new insights, while also enabling us to get to know the consultant, and for the consultant to get to know the business.


At many points

At many points a company might feel that they need growth consultant- example if Start-ups can have difficulty getting out of the gate, despite having a great product or Mature companies often hit a plateau and get stuck in a cycle of sluggish sales performance and weakening customer retention or High-growth companies struggle to manage fast-paced change, says the 200% company in one of their articles. The flow of their work is- growth consultant first run a full diagnosis on the business, analyze target market and tell which traffic generation strategies, marketing tactics, and brand positioning will yield the best results. and then the growth consultant will devise a plan knowing why the business has potentially stopped growing. then comes the execution part of the plan. and here the problem starts. According to an article by Arthur N. Turner in Harvard business review – explained why consulting is not just advising – it’s combination many steps. They wxhibit a hierarchy of consulting purposes.


Hierarchy of consulting purposes

  1. Providing information to a client.
  2. Solving a client’s problems.
  3. Making a diagnosis, which may necessitate redefinition of the problem.
  4. Making recommendations based on the diagnosis.
  5. Assisting with the implementation of recommended solutions.
  6. Building a consensus and commitment around corrective action.
  7. Facilitating client learning—that is, teaching clients how to resolve similar problems in the future.
  8. Permanently improving organizational effectiveness.

now to solve the client’s problems a consultant will require some skill set that is sometimes not part of the typical toolbox of growth consultant. here’s where the growth consultant will face problems being individual. he/she will look for those skills elsewhere.



skills like- graphic designing, content creator, paid social advertising specialist, etc. sometimes the client has these in their company and sometimes they don’t – and if later, then they contact other agencies or freelancers. thus, the whole speed of the process slows down leaving the customer unsatisfied for a prolonged time.

Erik Rostrad of iSymmetry says, “Many times, people wonder what a consultant will mean for them, specifically. Are you trying out a new employee to replace an existing employee? Do you need the consultant because the team is doing a bad job? Are you considering replacing full-time employees with consultants? Address those fears head-on and show the team how the consultant will benefit them and help them all achieve their goals.” so, team members must always aware of the consultant’s plan and how they are trying to help, if not then the team becomes overly sensitive to constructive criticism, slow to implement suggestions, and disinterested in collaboration. Also being a single person, the growth consultant might not be able to brainstorm ideas efficiently. Several thousands of dollars later, they find themselves wondering what went wrong. How could they have spent so much money, yet be so uncertain of what they have received in return? According to an article by Soren Kaplan, inc.com one of the fatal flaws of the consulting industry is a Billable time-based business model. The fee structure underlying most consulting services is tied to billable hours or days, which encourages lengthy, overstaffed engagements to maximize revenue. they also say that in the field of business strategy, the “tyranny of success” is a well-known dynamic: what led to today’s success will ultimately lead to tomorrow’s failure. Individual consultants and consulting firms that recognize the limitations of their existing business model while exploring opportunities that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models will have the best chance of thriving in the fast-approaching disruptive future. Here’s how we overcome all those difficulties



  • We fill the skills or knowledge gap. Sharing your techniques and principles with staff should be part of your service, leaving them better equipped when you leave than when you arrived. also, we, in rock mission have 10 team members now. and each one of us has a very different skill set to another.

so, we have an SEO specialist, copywriter, web analytics specialist, data analyst, a paid social advertising specialist, organic social, project manager, etc.

so, every bit of work that needs to be done of a growth project, we cover it with our skills.

  • Having a good set of specialized team members has reduced the time it takes for us to work on a project. this way -3 month of a standard project can deliver so much more value at a much higher speed and that’s what we always wanted to do and we did.
  • We know that coming into a business as an outsider means our first job is to develop good working relationships based on trust. To help this happen, we are straightforward about our role and what we are expecting there to achieve so that people know what to expect from us. we also demonstrate our value and reliability, following through on any agreements we make and sticking to timelines. cause we know that– accountability goes a long way towards building trust.
  • We also believe that when we are consulting, it’s all about our client. the task in hand is to solve their business problems, which should come ahead of any self-consciousness or pride in our work.
  • We are Creative, spontaneous, and lively. we as a team think fast and being able to let go of existing ideas and soak up new ones is invaluable in these types of settings.
  • As a consultant, we need to take in a huge quantity of new information before we can begin to do our job. and one of the main focuses we given on listening. cause discovering the nature of the business we are in, the challenges it’s facing and the style of communication used are all big listening jobs that lay the foundation for effective consulting.
  • We understand the fact that as we are planning to have more than one client over our lifetime, we will need a developed sense of our identity as an independent professional, regardless of who’s paying the invoices and all our team members are well taught about that

Adam Graham, CEO of weapon 7 says: “In my view, talent is the single most important factor to agency success. A team is only as good as its weakest link. When you hire great people, magic happens.

If you can get a group of smart, motivated people all pulling together with a shared goal, you can overcome any obstacle. However, if you are carrying someone who has the wrong attitude, it can bring the whole team down.

So, for me, it’s essential to weed out the underperformers and hire the best people you possibly can.

To attract and retain the best people, you need to focus on culture. Work tirelessly to maintain an environment where people can thrive. Strive for an institutionalized pursuit of excellence – where every link in the chain takes pride in their work and wants it to be the best it can be. This might mean staying a bit later but no one cares because the sense of satisfaction is so great, and so are the parties!” and we’ve applied this knowledge fully in our agency. thus as a team, being full of all skills needed, being detail-oriented, reflective and most importantly being fast while delivering the best quality- we provide growth consultancy from a 360 perspective.


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